After storm Babet, storm Aline comes to Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
Storm Aline

Spanish weather service Aemet is warning of the effects of storm ‘Babet‘. This storm will move away by the end of the day on Wednesday, according to Aemet. But then, a second storm, Aline, is expected in Spain on Thursday. 

For now, several communities have had to activate their wind alarms, especially in western and central Spain. Wednesday saw heavy precipitation in the Pyrenees and south of the western central system, in the Cantabrian mountain range and in Galicia. However, a new front is expected from the northwest, bringing heavy rainfall. 

Fog may occur across the country. Minimum temperatures will rise in the eastern Mediterranean and the Ebro Valley. Maximum temperatures tide in the Levant, will remain the same in the Ebro Valley, western Andalucia and Extremadura. 

Furthermore, strong winds will come from the west or southwest in large parts of Spain. On the coast, there is a chance of strong gusts, especially in Galicia, the far north and southeast of Spain.  

Storm Aline is coming 

A second storm, Aline, is coming to Spain on Thursday. Aline will originate on Thursday in the heart of the large low-pressure area in the Atlantic.  The storm will be accompanied by heavy rainfall. Parts of Andalucia, Castilla-La-Mancha and Extremadura are at risk of flooding. Furthermore, wind gusts of more than 80 kilometres per hour are expected. 

Not all gusts are named, only when a high impact is expected due to the speed of over 90 kilometres per hour, when code orange is issued or pose a high risk. Even when code orange or red is issued, without the wind being very severe, a wind can be named. The aim is to make risk communication more effective. 

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