82 people died in traffic accidents throughout May

by Lorraine Williamson
road accidents

During the month of May, there were 76 fatal traffic accidents in which 82 people died. Moreover, the level of mobility on the roads was at the same level as in May last year with 36.8 million long-haul movements.

In a report compiled by the DGT, this year so far until the end of May, 412 people have died in traffic accidents. That is 6% less than in the same period of 2022.

Although the number of deaths in total have decreased, as have deaths on highways and dual carriageways, deaths on conventional roads have increased slightly.

Comparison with May 2022

The number of deceased decreased was 6 less than in May 2022.

Furthermore, 8 of the deceased were not using any safety device at the time of the accident. 6 car drivers and 1 van driver were not wearing a seat belt. Likewise, 1 bicycle user did not use a helmet.

Off-roads continue to be the type of accident with the highest number of fatalities recorded. Specifically, 39 people have died during the month of May, in a type of accident in which only the damaged vehicle was involved.

On the other hand, those killed by collisions (29 fatalities, compared to the 38 registered in May of last year) and pedestrians being run over (5 compared to the 6 fatalities in May 2022) have decreased.

Cogesa Expats

If the means of displacement is considered, the number of vulnerable deaths is reduced by 7 people, 35 have been registered this month of May, compared to 42 in the same month of 2022.

There was a slight increase in the deaths traveling by motorcycle, car and truck, all of them traveling on conventional roads. In the rest of the modes of travel, fatalities decreased.

Which area had the highest number of fatal accidents?

By autonomous communities, Galicia has been the community that experienced the greatest increase in accidents, with 7 more deaths than in the month of May 2022.  Meanwhile Andalucia was the region that has reduced its accident rate the most with 12 fewer deaths.

No road deaths in May

In Ceuta and Melilla, there were no fatal accidents reported in May 2023 or 2022. And, although the following areas also did not record any accidents in May this year, this was a reduction from 2022;

  • Canary Islands (-4)
  • La Rioja (-1)
  • Valencian Community (-1)

When did the most fatalities take place?

The days with the most fatalities were Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6, with 5 and 6 fatalities, respectively. Six people died on both days. In contrast, there were only 2 days with 0 deaths: Thursday, May 11, and Wednesday, May 17.

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