25 June is annual World Day Against Bullfighting

by Lorraine Williamson
World Day against bullfighting


June 25 is the World Day Against Bullfighting, an event dedicated to promoting the eradication of bullfighting and animal cruelty, which is highlighted in several countries around the world.

The aim is to raise public awareness about the mistreatment and torture of bulls and oxen. Bullfighting is not a cultural event, let alone entertainment.  

Several organisations participate in this day to demand the abolition of bullfighting, by introducing laws banning this activity and calling on people not to attend these bullfights. This includes demonstrating in bullrings and calling for a law to make abolition possible. The aim is to make people aware that it is not a cultural act but a festival that represents cruelty. 

Spanish statistics 

According to statistics on bullfighting from the Ministry of Culture and Sport, there are more than 1,300 bullfighting establishments in Spain. The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food states that there are 840 active bull farms in the country. However, between 2012 and 2021, bullfighting declined by around 40%, showing that it is becoming an increasingly forgotten tradition. 

More opponents  

Several countries, regions and cities have taken a stand against bullfighting. Some countries and cities around the world, such as Mouans-Sartoux, Montignac, Bully-les-Mines and Joucou (France) and Ecuador, have passed laws to ban bullfighting. Moreover, in Catalonia, it is illegal to violate or injure animals during bullfights. 

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Bullfighting: a cruel practice 

The word bullfighting comes from Greek words meaning ‘bull’ and ‘fight’. It is an ancient tradition that originated in the Iberian Peninsula in the 12th century, under Catholicism. It consists of the sacrifice of a bull or ox caused by a confrontation with a bullfighter in an arena. A sword, spears and a large cape are used to divert the animal’s attention. 

In this cruel and unnecessary practice, animals are stressed during their transfer, being pierced, stabbed and dismembered during the bullfight or spectacle. 

How do you contribute yourself? 

For years, bullfights have led to the death of thousands of bulls around the world. That is why World Day Against Bullfighting is celebrated to raise awareness about this violent way of bullfighting. 

Consequently, the best way to celebrate this day – apart, of course, from never going to such events – is by participating in the activities organised by animal rights organisations on 25 June. Or by paying attention to it on social media. For example, with the hashtags #WorldAntiBullfightingDay #BanBullfighting. 

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