15-year-old girl missing in Valencia – FOUND

by Lorraine Williamson
15-year-old girl missing

UPDATE – The 15-year-old girl reported missing from the family home in the Massamagrell area of L´Horta Nord, Valencia on Monday afternoon has now been found in Asturias. According to the Massamagrell council, she is safe and well and will be reunited with her parents soon.

Over 50 hours have now passed, and there is still no news of the whereabouts of the 15-year-old missing girl, Lucía Marín Lara. Through social media, the local Massamagrell council and police have distributed her photograph. Furthermore, the family requests help from the public and the search continues.

Mother received calls

According to local reports from Levante-EMV, Lucía´s mother received a call from her. As reported, her mother said, “She was very strange, she told me she felt very bad and to go and pick her up, but she never told me where she was or with whom,” Levante-EMV also reported, that the mother did not stop receiving calls throughout the night from a hidden number, like that which had happened when she spoke with her daughter.

Cogesa Expats


According to the publication, apparently, the teenager was under psychological treatment because she suffered bullying at school.

These new facts have been brought to the attention of the Massamagrell Guardia Civil. Therefore, it has not been ruled out that perhaps this is a voluntary flight since €250 was missing from her home.  and it was not the first time that he was absent from the home.


If anyone has any information or knows of anything that can help, there are some numbers to call.

  • 646 03 06 72 Family
  • 96 145 23 69 Guardia Civil
  • 900 924 900 Local Police

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