Worst storm in Spain over and temperatures are rising

by Lorraine Williamson
storm, sun and wind

MADRID – The DANA with devastating consequences in Spain from Madrid to the Valencian coast and from Catalonia to Murcia is losing power. On Friday the storm will be gone and it will rain less heavily.  Only in the north of Spain and the north of the Balearic Islands. 

There will also be showers in the central system, eastern Castilla y León, as well as in the eastern part of the Cantabrian Sea. Although they will be less intense. Otherwise, temperatures are expected to rise in much of the interior of the peninsula. 

Storm set to stabilise

Over the weekend, the storm will generally stabilise in most of Spain. However, it could rage in certain areas of Catalonia and the province of Castellón. In the north of the province of Huesca and in the interior of Mallorca there will be isolated, lighter showers. 

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Wind and higher temperatures 

Meanwhile, temperatures will gradually rise. Winds will continue to play a major role in the coming days, blowing from the east into the Strait of Gibraltar. Also, trade winds will be predominate in the Canary Islands. 

However, on Sunday it will rain moderately in western Galicia due to the proximity of an Atlantic front. In the rest of the peninsula, the clouds disappear and give way to the sun and a rise in temperature. The sky will be cloudy in the Canary Archipelago, while it will remain clear in the south. 

On Friday, only code yellow will apply for storms and rain in the north of the province of Huesca. 

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