Winter has officially begun: what are the predictions for the winter in Spain?

by Lorraine Williamson
winter in Spain

WEATHER – On Tuesday 21 December, the shortest day of the year, winter began. Winter started exactly at 4.59 pm and will last a total of 88 days and 23 hours. Spring will begin on 20 March 2022. But what are the weather predictions of winter for Spain this year? 

Now that winter has officially arrived in Spain, what will the weather be like around Christmas and Epiphany? 

Will the temperature rise or fall?  

The specialists at the Spanish weather service El Tiempo explain that the average temperature in Spain in winter – which is also the coldest season of the year – is usually 7.9 °C. January is the coldest month and December sees the most rain. However, El Tiempo points out the winter of 2021/22 on the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands could be slightly warmer than usual.  

For most of the western half of Spain drier than normal weather is expected. Meanwhile, in the southeast of the peninsula and in Valencia precipitation could be above average. 

A new Filomena in 2022? 

Whether Spain will again experience such an extraordinary weather phenomenon as the winter storm Filomena – which brought heavy snowfall last winter – remains to be seen. To predict the weather, meteorologists have developed so-called numerical weather prediction models,” reports, but “there is no concrete outcome for these equations and they remain approximations for atmospheric models. Whether Spain can expect a new Filomena is therefore impossible to predict at present. Current science is not yet able to make specific forecasts for a period of more than two weeks’. 

What will the weather be like around Christmas and Epiphany? 

Weather service Meterored predicts that temperatures in the week ahead will be slightly higher than normal and that ‘the western part of Spain will suffer from abundant precipitation due to Atlantic air from the south and southwest’.  

On the other hand, the forecasts indicate that the week of New Year’s Eve and the week of Epiphany will be accompanied by gusts of wind and precipitation, ‘which would move to high latitudes’. 

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