Will the cold return to Spain after Easter?

by Lorraine Williamson
cold weather in Spain

Temperatures will start dropping again in a large part of Spain as of Monday and it could be cold. The contrasts are great: temperatures drop in the northwest, with frost in the Pyrenees and perhaps in the mountains in the northwest, but in a number of areas the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.  

The Spanish weather service AEMET predicts more clouds for Monday, caused by a not very active Atlantic front. Furthermore, rain may fall in northern Galicia and Cantabria. This may spread south to part of the north of the country and to the area above the Ebro.  

Chance of storm and snow 

Clouds are also forecast inland for Monday. Locally there may be outside rainfalls, and in mountainous areas there may even be storms. But also on the Atlantic coast and in other inland areas it can storm.  

During the day, the snow level in western Cantabria will be between 1,200 and 1,600 metres.  

Possible fog 

Possible morning fog and fog banks are expected in Galicia, Cantabria and the upper reaches of the Ebro. Also in the western part of the Atlantic coast. Furthermore, there is a chance of fog in the Canary Islands, where the population is otherwise predominant. However, temperatures will remain above average in the Canary Islands. 

Northerly winds 

Finally, the northern wind will prevail in the north of Spain. On the west coast of Galicia, the wind can be strong. In the Strait of Gibraltar and the Sea of Alborán, an easterly wind blows. In the Canary Islands, the trade winds blow, with strong intervals on the western islands and an easterly component on the eastern islands. Only for the coastal areas of Pontevedra, Galicia region, code “yellow” has been issued for Monday. 

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