Why this rescue of a dog in Spain gets more than 36,000 likes on Twitter

by Lorraine Williamson
dog rescue - image screen grab from Twitter video taken of Guardia Civil rescue by dog owner

PROVINCIA DE HUESCA – The Guardia Civil has posted a video of the intervention of two officers in a dog rescue operation near Canfranc in Huesca on Twitter. The video shows how they rescue the animal. 

Less than a day after Tweeting, the post has received more than 36,000 likes, has been viewed 852,000 times, and retweeted over 8,000 times. The Guardia Civil patrol in Jaca received a report on Tuesday about a dog that had fallen into the Canfranc reservoir and got into trouble. The officers then rushed out to help. 

The publication on Twitter is accompanied by a video made by the owner of the dog. It shows how the two officers, dressed only in the trousers of their bare-chested uniform, step into the icy water. The dog tried to swim out, but chunks of ice filled with vegetation floated on the surface preventing this. And, so because of the harsh conditions in the water, he got stuck again and again. 

The images show how the two agents first have to remove several ice slices in front of them in order to reach the animal. With the help of a long stick, they manage to get closer to the dog. He bites the stick and so first one officer helps the dog closer to the side. Then, he is helped by the other officer to put the animal back on dry land. 

“I take my hat off” 

So many positive reactions were not expected on Twitter. Many users wanted to congratulate the agents on their intervention to help the animal. They also thought it was good that they pointed out with these images that in addition to rescuing people, these kinds of actions also fall within the scope of the Guardia Civil. 

Among the comments, there are also many who have emphasised the professionalism of the two members of the armed institute. There is admiration for how the officers coped with the cold temperatures bare-chested while carrying out the rescue. 

@JosAnt0207 says “If they’re doing this to save a dog… What wouldn’t they do to save your kid or you. My utmost respect and admiration”. 

Under the influence of the storm Barra, which is ravaging the northern half of Spain these days, the temperature during the dog rescue of the two agents was around freezing. 

La Policia Nacional also reminds us even if the day is ending, they continue 24 hours, 365 days a year. If you need us, don’t hesitate – call 091.

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