What was most searched for on Google in 2021?

by Lorraine Williamson
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MADRID – The year 2021 is almost over and with that the time has come to look back. Traditionally, Google does this with an overview of the most frequently entered search terms. They give a nice picture of what has kept the population busy during the year. 

But, what about search engine searches in Spain? What were the most frequently asked questions in the year in which the coronavirus and its consequences once again dominated the news? Google Spain just made them public. This shows that the coronavirus has kept the Spaniards less busy than the volcano on La Palma that has been erupting since September 19. While 2020 was the year of the coronavirus, 2021 turns out to be the year of the volcano La Palma. 

It’s not that SARS-CoV-2 has gone away, but uncertainty about its symptoms, causes, and effects has given way to more encouraging searches like “when is it my time to get vaccinated” or “why does the arm pain with the vaccine’. This is in addition to questions about geological matters that were difficult to imagine until recently, such as ‘why a volcano erupts’. 


Therefore, the eruption of the Cumbre-Vieja volcano on La Palma was an event that raised many questions. But even something current and as newsworthy as this volcanic eruption, the last one on La Palma took place 50 years ago, could not supplant the searches for the weather and for football-related matters. 

Weather forecast 

Furthermore, the weather forecast can look forward to continuous interest. Certainly helped by the storm Filomena that took place at the beginning of this year and covered a large part of Spain under a thick layer of snow. Subsequently, several DANAs occurred between the spring and summer, resulting in flooding and damage. 

Cogesa Expats


Other classics on this list from Google are those related to sports. Of the most popular searches of the year, seven have to do with competitions, teams, or athletes. In this order: ‘Eurocopa’, ‘La Liga’, ‘Real Madrid’, ‘Roland Garros’, ‘Mbappe’, ‘Atlético de Madrid’ and ‘NBA’. 

Moreover, 2021 was an Olympic year, and this generated special interest not only for the event itself but also for some participants, such as gymnast Simone Biles, Ana Peleteiro (women’s triple jump) and tennis player Paula Badosa. 


In the audiovisual section, the new Spanish social network TokyVideo stands out. This allows users to upload and share videos with their followers. It is followed by ‘Survivors’, ‘Love is in the air’ and ‘Temptation Island’, all television hits. Two Netflix hit series have also crept into the rankings: ‘The Squid Game’ and ‘The Bridgertons’. ‘Eternals’ closes the list, a superhero movie based on a Marvel comic of the same name. 

Top General Searches of 2021 

  • Tiempo mañana (weather tomorrow) 
  • Eurocopa 
  • La Liga 
  • Real Madrid 
  • Roland Garros 
  • La Palma volcano 
  • Bonoloto 
  • Mbappe 
  • Atletico de Madrid 
  • NBA 

Top ‘when’ searches in 2021 

  • When does Spain play 
  • When is Black Friday 
  • When is my time to vaccinate? 
  • When does Madrid play? 
  • When is Semana Santa 
  • When is WhatsApp coming back 
  • When will Barcelona play? 
  • When do the Olympics start 
  • When is carnival? 
  • When is ‘FIFA 22’ coming out 

Top ‘how’ searches in 2021 

  • What is Thor’s hammer called? 
  • How do I know if I am a defaulter? 
  • How is Madrid? 
  • How is Spain? 
  • What is the flower of the acacia called? 
  • How are the elections in Madrid going? 
  • How to get the covid passport? 
  • How does a giraffe sleep? 
  • What is the name of the olive flower? 
  • How do you make bread? 

Top ‘why’ searches in 2021 

  • Why does a volcano erupt? 
  • Why is the price for light rising? 
  • Why is Messi leaving? 
  • Why isn’t Melendi in ‘La Voz’ 
  • Why does the arm hurt from the vaccine? 
  • Why was Cat crazy in ‘Victorious’ 
  • Why is Women’s Day celebrated? 
  • Why do my apps close? 
  • Why do cats purr? 
  • Why are there so many earthquakes in Granada 

Athletes with the most searches in 2021 

  • Mbappe 
  • Eriksen 
  • Rafael Nadal 
  • Carlos Alcarazo 
  • Ana Peleteiro 
  • Paula Badosa 
  • Dani Olmo 
  • Simone Biles 
  • Unai Simon 
  • Xavi 

Movies and series with the most searches in 2021 

  • TokyoVideo 
  • Supervivientes 
  • Love is in the air 
  • La isla de las tentaciones 
  • Squid game 
  • Secret Story 
  • La ultima tentación 
  • Mask singer’ 
  • The Bridgertons 
  • Eternals 

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