What is the favourite holiday destination of Spaniards?

by Lorraine Williamson
Spaniards choose to holiday at home


Most Spaniards take advantage of the summer months to go on holiday, even if their economic situation is not favourable. However, many Spaniards stay in their own country. 

The Spanish Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) conducted a survey to determine Spaniards’ most favourite destination for spending their summer holidays.  

Two-thirds of those surveyed are going on holiday this summer. However, only 12% of those surveyed are going abroad. Therefore, this means the vast majority plan to spend their holidays in their own country.  

Preferences differ per age group 

More than half of those asked choose the beach as the ideal place to spend this summer holiday. However, it is notable that especially the interviewees younger than 39 choose a beach destination.  

Furthermore, it is remarkable that the group of over-60s knows least well where they will go. Moreover, 31% have no plans to go on holiday, and 7% have not yet decided whether to travel or not.  

Finally, 1 in 6 of those surveyed plans to spend the holiday in their own village. 11% ignore the beach and choose to go to a mountain resort.  

The holiday destinations in percentages 

In summary, the figures show the following picture: 56% choose to go to the beach (within Spain), 16%  to their village, 12% to a foreign country , 11% to the mountains (within Spain). And 5% chooses another destination. 

Favourite accommodation 

As many as 18% of those surveyed go on holiday to their own home or to the home of family or friends. The hotel is the traveller’s favourite place to stay; one in three Spaniards stay in a hotel, while 20% choose a rented apartment.

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