What is the cost of FFP2 masks in Spanish supermarkets?

by Lorraine Williamson
FFP2 Masks

MADRID – The strongly increased consumer demand for high-quality masks sparked a price war between Spanish supermarkets.  They want to offer their customers the best possible protection against the corona virus at the lowest price. Here we look at the comparison prices of FFP2 masks.

In early February, the newspaper El País reported that sales of FFP2 masks in Spain had increased by 58% within a week. Furthermore, Google searched for this type of mask ten times more than in January. Consequently most supermarkets immediately responded to this new consumer need. And as a result, included high-quality mouth masks in the range for a competitive selling price. 

Cheapest FFP2 masks at Mercadona 

Market leader Mercadona has, however, remained aloof from the competition until now, but is now more than catching up with the introduction of a set of three disposable FFP2 mouth masks for the lowest supermarket price. The mouth masks are in the shops from this week and are sold under the care products house brand Deliplus. The five-layer FFP2 mouth masks from Mercadona have a filter capacity of 94% and cost €2.70 per three pieces. With a unit price of 90 cents, this is the cheapest FFP2 mouth mask from the Spanish supermarket. 

Alcampo offers FFP2 masks with the highest filter capacity 

At 95 cents each, the mouth masks from supermarket chain Alcampo are the second cheapest. These are sold per five pieces for €4.74 and, just like the mouth caps from Mercadona, have five layers. The mouth masks from Alcampo have a filter capacity of 95% and therefore belong to the best quality category. 

Cogesa Expats

El Corte Inglés and Dia 

After Alcampo, the pharmacy division of El Corte Inglés and supermarket chain Dia sell the cheapest FFP2 masks. At Dia, the customer pays €1.49 euros each for a high-quality mouth mask. El Corte Inglés sells packs of ten for €14.95. These mouth masks, also consisting of five layers, are also available individually at €1.95. El Corte Inglés also has black mouth masks in its range with cotton fiber, these too are €1.95 each, or €8.95 per pack of eight pieces. 

Hipercor and Carrefour 

Supermarket chain Hipercor is at number four, which sells FFP2 mouth masks for €1.79 each. The advantage of these masks is that they can be used several times. Hipercor shares fourth place with the French supermarket chain Carrefour, which sells the masks in packs of five for the same price each. 


Aldi is number five and sells the high-quality five-layer masks per ten for €19.99. There are also packs of three pieces available for €5.99. 


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