What is Richard Gere doing in green Galicia?

by Lorraine Williamson
Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva - photo as per Alejandra Silva on Instagram

PROVINCIA DE OURENSE – The American actor Richard Gere, known for blockbusters like Pretty Woman, is on holiday in Galicia. He is there to get to know the homeland of his wife Alejandra Silva. 

They normally stay at their ranch in Pound Ridge, a few miles outside of Manhattan, New York. However, this time, they decided to leave their usual haven and enjoy an idyllic holiday in an unexpected destination: Galicia. 

The couple is spending time in Alejandra’s homeland. They were often seen around the family home of the Galician writer and activist on Bastiagueiro beach.  And in the company of Alejandra’s parents and grandmother, who are a regular here in the summer months. Silva is the daughter of Ignacio Silva, a businessman and former vice president of the Spanish football club Real Madrid.

The couple is joined by Albert, the son of Alejandra’s first marriage to businessman Govind Friedland. And also, the two little ones they have together. 

The newspaper La Voz de Galicia reported the couple was seen a few days ago in a restaurant in the town of Oleiros (A Coruña, where they were accompanied by Alejandra’s mother). They were recognised by one of the many fans of the actor. However, he politely refused to take a picture with them. 


The newspaper goes on to say the couple took the opportunity to sample some of the most typical Galician dishes at the El Refugio restaurant. Despite the actor being a vegetarian, the restaurant specialises in seafood. The restaurant’s owner told radio broadcaster COPE the actor “barely speaks Spanish,” but was “discrete” and “correct” at all times. 

Gere and Silva met in the summer of 2014.  The actor stayed in an exclusive hotel on the Amalfi Coast (Italy), managed by Alejandra. Both were involved in divorce proceedings at the time and lived thousands of miles apart. Which, together with the 33-year age difference between them, gave this new relationship a rough start. 

However, seven years on, they are married and have two children together. Alexander, the first, was born in 2019 and their second son was born during the 2020 pandemic. The actor, 71, and Alejandra, 38, are one of the most established couples on the international scene. 

Trending Galicia  

Richard Gere and his wife are enjoying their Galician holiday, which seems to have become a popular destination after the pandemic. According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, a recent survey shows Galicia is the preferred destination in northern Spain this summer. The newspaper El Español also wrote that Galicia is ‘in vogue for holidays among celebrities’. The Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja and her son were already seen there. As was the Spanish actress, model, and presenter Cristina Pedroche and husband celebrated their holidays there and the Minister of Labour Yolande Díaz also spent her summer in Galicia. 

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