Summer turns out to be good for Balearic Islands airports and tourism

by Lorraine Williamson
Balearic Islands tourism

PALMA – The number of tourism flights to and from the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza has largely recovered to pre-pandemic numbers. A total of 5,148 flights were carried out last weekend. 

That is 30% more than the 3,600 flights of last year, but still 13.75% less than in 2019. Of the three holiday islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca has the highest tourism activity registered with 2,970 flights between Friday and Monday. Of these, 2,173 were flights to international destinations. It is 80% of the flights that were operated on the same weekend in 2019. 

Increased occupancy

According to data from the airport authority AENA, the number of flights to and from Germany and the United Kingdom is already at 70% of what it was. This also explains the increased occupancy rate in all islands and other tourist accommodations on the island. 

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Ibiza was able to register 1,489 flights – 937 international and 552 domestic flights. These numbers represent just 22 fewer operations than the third weekend of August 2019, when 1,511 flights were recorded to and from the island. According to Cadena SER, Saturday was the busiest day, with 396 flights. 


Menorca registered a total of 689 arrivals and departures. There are more domestic than international flights to this island with 398 and 291 respectively. 

The figures represent 235 more operations than in 2020 (+51.8%). Compared to the year before the pandemic, there was only 5.4% less activity at Menorca airport this year. 

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