Urgent plea from Costa del Sol: Immediate help needed for this animal sanctuary

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animal sanctuary needs help

Spanish sisters Concordia and Virginia, who run the animal shelter Todos los Caballos del Mundo (Every Horse in the World) in Alhaurín el Grande, Southern Spain, are desperately asking for help. Without timely assistance, their shelter will have to permanently close its doors in just three months, leaving over 300 animals without a home.

Concordia and Virginia have rescued a wide variety of animals in dire situations: horses found in septic tanks or running loose on roads, injured cats no one wants to adopt due to severe illnesses, dogs trapped in filthy bins or chained at abandoned farms, crocodiles confined in absurdly small spaces awaiting buyers, and lions ‘rescued’ from circuses living in small vans. They have given these animals new lives and a second chance.

Concordia and one of the horses

Todos los Caballos del Mundo: Not just horses

It all started over twenty years ago when Concordia moved to Málaga and encountered many abandoned horses. This led to the founding of Todos los Caballos del Mundo. Often, along with the horses, they would find dogs, cats, or other animals needing rescue. Despite its name, “All the Horses of the World,” the shelter takes in all types of animals. The common thread is that all these animals have been abused, mistreated, or neglected by humans.

Since then, they have helped thousands of animals. Currently, their 78,000-square-metre property houses horses, donkeys, turtles, goats, peacocks, turkeys, tropical birds, chickens, ferrets, and of course, dogs and cats. The animals live as freely as possible, with few practical restrictions on their movements.

A sanctuary for the unwanted

Todos los Caballos del Mundo focuses on stray animals that other shelters would immediately euthanise due to severe illness or trauma. The shelter is their literal last refuge. The sisters use all their resources, knowledge, a great deal of love, and determination to rehabilitate these animals and give them a good life. Their mission is to care for every animal until its last moment, ensuring they are never harmed again. Even after death, the animals are buried on the property, each marked by a native tree. Visitors are welcome to see the memorials.

the sanctuary

Why the sudden urgency?

Although fundraising has always been challenging for Concordia and Virginia, the situation is now critical. They have only three, at most four, months left. This is partly due to last year’s prolonged drought, which tripled the costs of hay, straw, and grains. Additionally, transport costs have doubled, and their main donor in Germany, after ten years, has ceased donations to start a horse rescue in Germany. The final blow came when their horse feed supplier went bankrupt.

How you can help

The looming closure threatens Todos los Caballos del Mundo. To prevent this unnecessary and tragic end for the shelter and its 300 animals, there are many ways you can help:

  1. Donate Money: Direct donations can be made to the shelter’s bank account, via PayPal, Bizum, or in cash if you visit. Any amount, no matter how small, is welcome. You can also join ‘teaming’ by donating one euro each month for general expenses and/or for emergencies
  2. Sponsor an Animal or a Group of Animals
  3. Donate Food or Hay: You can donate directly through suppliers by specifying that the feed is for Todos los Caballos del Mundo. The suppliers will ensure it gets to the shelter promptly.
  4. Donate stable equipment
  5. Donate medicines: Check the website for needed medicines, purchase them at a pharmacy, and deliver them or order directly from the pharmacy in Alhaurín el Grande that works with the shelter. They will handle the rest.
  6. Pay vet bills: You can pay the shelter’s veterinary bills directly to the two veterinarians they use. Contact them to discuss how you can contribute.
  7. Easy donating money through their GoFundMe fundraising campaign for horse food.

Donors can deduct their contributions from their Spanish taxes at the end of the year. Todos los Caballos del Mundo is nationally registered, meaning the Spanish government regularly inspects their finances, care capacities, and facilities. You can be confident your money is used where it is most needed.

Listen to an interview with Concordia here in John Towell’s Move to Spain podcast.

Follow the Todos los Caballos del Mundo Facebook page.

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