Up to €800 fine in Spain if you do not have these car parts in order

by Lorraine Williamson
car parts maintenance

MADRID – The maintenance of your vehicle is essential for road safety and on this basis certain rules and fines have also been set by the Spanish Traffic Service DGT. You should therefore periodically check various parts of your car. 

This can prevent unnecessary misery or an unexpected fine. In any case, it is important that everything on your car is in order. The DGT must ensure that drivers take to the road in a safe manner. If agents of the Spanish traffic police find a driver who does not have his vehicle in order, he can be punished with fines. 

There are parts that are essential for the safety of your car. Therefore, if they are not properly maintained, they can result in a hefty fine: up to €800, a considerable amount that you would rather spend on other things. 

For example, this is what happens to the tyres. Many people don’t think about checking these regularly. Not even right before they have their car inspected (ITV in Spain) and that can give you an unpleasant surprise. Driving with tyres that are not in optimal condition can have serious consequences on a wet road surface when it rains or when the road is slippery due to sleet or snow. And in the coming days, both conditions will be on the roads in many areas in Spain. 

How can you tell if your car tyres are still good? 

Check whether your car tires still have sufficient profile. Many motorists appear to have no idea what the minimum tread depth of their car tires should be in order to drive responsibly. With too little profile you can lose contact with the road and your car starts to slide and become uncontrollable. 

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Simple way to check your profile 

You can easily check whether your tyres still have enough profile. There are special tire profile gauges, but you can also check them with a euro coin. For a summer tyre, you use a €1 coin and for a winter tyre, you use a €2 coin. Insert the €1 coin into the shallowest groove of your car tire. If you continue to see the gold rim, there is an insufficient profile and it is time to replace your tyres. You can do the same for a winter tyre with a €2 coin. If you continue to see the silver rim, then there is an insufficient profile. Therefore, it is best to check the profile of your tires once a month. 

In addition, all tyres are equipped with wear indicators: small rubber blocks in the main grooves with the letters TWI (Tread Wear Indicator). Is the profile worn down to this wear indicator? If so, then the legal limit has been reached and the tire must be replaced. 

Fines for tyres in bad condition 

If your tyres are worn and in poor condition, DGT can impose a fine of €200 per tyre. In addition, you should also replace your tires as soon as possible. Also, should you have problems with the axles that are not aligned, you have to pay an additional €150 for each wheel. 

So check these parts regularly and, if in doubt, consult a professional for advice. Sometimes cheap is expensive. 

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