UEFA Euro 2024 semi-final – Netherlands v England

by Lorraine Williamson
Netherlands v England

FOOTBALL – Up until now, England have played a defensive game relying on extra time and penalties. However, it has got them through to the semi-finals. Let´s see where the UEFA Euro 2024 game against the Netherlands takes them.

England started the game, but after just 7 minutes, the first goal came for the Netherlands. The English side had the ball, but it was given away by Rice. Simons picked it up and ran with it towards the penalty area. He then sent a shot into the top corner and scored his first goal of the competition. The Dutch had an early lead.

No goal

Kane had a chance to equalise after 15 minutes, but his shot just inched over the bar. So close! Then after a VAR review, a penalty was awarded for England. Harry Kane stepped up to the spot, and despite Verbruggen diving to the correct side, Kane´s shot found the net. It was now all square.

Just a few minutes later, Foden sent the ball towards the goal. The keeper missed, but Dumfries stopped the ball on the line. Because the ball was not completely over the line, it was not a goal and therefore disallowed. It was still one goal apiece.

Close chance

Almost at the 30-minute mark, there was a corner for Netherlands. The corner was taken by Simons, and Dumfries connected but it deflected off the bar. Again, very close!

A chance then came for England when Rice found Saka and the ball was played to Foden but his shot was just outside the post. At this point in the game, England were like a different side. But it wasn´t long before it reverted back to the boring play. After some substitutions for Netherlands, the game had some bursts of action halted by static passes.

The last 5 minutes of the first half, England mainly retained possession but once again, it became a passing game. It looked like they were content to go down the tunnel at 1-1. Then a chance for Foden was saved. In the final 2 minutes, it was the turn of the Dutch side to keep possession and play the passing game.

Second half

The second half kicked off and the play was mostly in the mid-section. It was a slow start with both sides not looking to take any risks. However, at the hour-mark, Netherlands went on the break, but the shot went wide. Minutes later, there was another near chance for the Dutch side. Van Dijk took the corner and connected with Veetman – but the attempt was saved.

At this point, both sides were showing moments of brilliance coupled with long periods of boring play.


With 20 minutes remaining the play was fairly equal and unexciting. It looked like neither side would score. However, in the 77th minute, another chance came for Netherlands Simons, but it went straight to the keeper for a save. A minute later, England´s Saka scored. However, VAR disallowed it for offside,

Foden and Kane out – Palmer and Watkins in.

Less than 10 minutes of normal time remained. As the clock ticked, 87 minutes in, England had another chance, but Watkins sent it wide. Then in the 90th minute, England scored! Watkins sent it past the keeper into the bottom left. With only 2 minutes added, it looked like that was the goal to send England through to the final against Spain on Sunday evening.

The final whistle sounded and it was all over for Netherlands. Despite over 5 minutes added in the end, it was not to be. England were through.

Fans celebrated the win, and amongst them was Ed Shearan.

More games

The next match is the final which will be played on Sunday between Spain and England at the Olympiastadion Berlin at 9.00 pm

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