Two top hockey players join southern Spanish club

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CHP Benalmádena hockey players celebrate against Atletico san sebastian

Benalmádena – Top hockey players, Jérôme Dekeyser from Belgium and Argentinian Lucas Vila, have signed with southern Spanish hockey club CHP Benalmádena next season. “This season we will have a show in La Estupa”, the Benalmádena hockey club announces.

The club, whose first men’s team plays the Division de Honor B in the Spanish competition, is very pleased with the arrival of the two international hockey stars.

‘Turning point’

Diego Gavilán, former player of the Spanish national team and now general manager of the club, told “For a modest family club like CHP Benalmadena, having two players of this level is a turning point and a very important change. Not only because this will raise the level of the first team, but also because Dekeyser and Vila can teach hockey players from other categories and thus raise the level of the whole club.”

Gavilán continues: “In addition, the image they have at international level ensures that Benalmádena places itself on the world map of hockey. This, together with the planned refurbishment of the pitch and some very significant improvements to the facilities around it, certainly makes Benalmádena an ideal hockey destination.”

Attractive location of the hockey club

Benalmadena hockey club

The club’s location is in the centre of the southern Spanish Costa del Sol with a mild and sunny climate in winter.  Along with an extensive choice of facilities such as hotels and leisure activities, it ensures numerous high-level teams from abroad travel to Benalmádena for training camps in preparation for European Championships, World Cups and other competitions.

Jérôme Dekeyser

The attacker and ex-penalty corner specialist of the Red Lions Jérôme Dekeyser (1983) is a true legend for the Belgian national team. He has extensive experience in both the Belgian and Dutch competitions. Dekeyser played with the Red Lions in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and 2012 in London. He retired from the national team after the 2013 European Championship in Boom.

Lucas Vila

The Argentinian Lucas Vila (1986), not only won silver at the past Games, but earned a gold medal in Rio 2016. “Speaking of Lucas Vila is without a doubt talking about one of the best players in the world and about an Olympic champion that we will see in our shirt,” says CHP Benalmádena proudly. To make the news public, the club has a video, which can be seen here.

First home game

The two hockey stars are out with their team on September 18 at Campo Municipal de Hockey El Retamar, “La Estupa” (next to the Buddha Temple) during the first home game of the Spanish hockey league. Click here for the location of the club or here to follow them on Facebook,.

CHP Benalmadena

CHP Benalmadena team

Hockey club Benalmádena has been around for over thirty years and has youth teams (m/f) that participate in Andalusian competitions, from the Benjamines category (8-9 years) to veterans. For the little ones there is the ‘Escuela de Hockey’ where children from 4 years old can learn the sport in a playful way.

Due to its location on the international coast, many nationalities other than the Spanish also play here, including the Dutch, Belgians, Argentinians, Irish and British. Want to know more or register? Then click here.

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