Tragedy in tourist epicentre on Mallorca after terrace collapse

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On the popular holiday island of Mallorca, at least four people have died and 27 others were injured when the rooftop terrace of the Medusa Beach Club in the busy resort town of Playa de Palma collapsed. The underlying floors also collapsed. The tragic incident happened on Thursday evening around 8.30 pm. Local media warn that the death toll may still rise.

According to Spanish media, three women and one man have died. One of them worked at the establishment, two were German tourists aged 20 and 30, and a 45-year-old Senegalese man, according to El Mundo. Of the 27 injured, seven are in critical condition and nine in serious condition. They are being treated in various hospitals in Palma. A fire chief reported that most of the victims are foreigners from different countries. Initial hypotheses about the cause of the disaster are already circulating: El Mundo writes that there were too many people on the terrace, which collapsed under the excess weight.

Rescue operations following rooftop collapse

The fire department reported that rescue operations were already well advanced by Friday morning, but it is possible that more victims may still be found among the rubble. Local emergency services have psychologists on site to support the affected individuals. Shortly before 10.00 pm, the fire department managed to rescue a young man with a broken arm who was trapped after the collapse. Around 11.00 pm, emergency services asked bystanders to remain silent in hopes of locating the voices of victims.

Medusa Beach Club

The affected hospitality establishment is Medusa Beach Club, a cocktail bar and restaurant. Because the terrace on the first floor collapsed, the ground floor also caved in. Below that was a basement where most of the victims were found. Medusa Beach Club was a popular bar for both Mallorca residents and visitors. They could enjoy cocktails there until the late hours with a view of the Bay of Palma.

Cause and witness statements

The collapsed section was a glass rooftop terrace of a bar on the first floor. It was very busy on Thursday evening. People were dancing while dozens of others were dining one floor below. Among the guests were many foreign tourists, as the high season on the popular holiday island had already begun. Many tourists are adolescents celebrating the end of their final exams, including many Dutch, Germans, and Brits. The festive atmosphere turned into a major disaster in seconds, with rescuers attending to the injured at the boulevard entrance, surrounded by shocked family members, friends, and staff from the surrounding establishments. According to the local fire chief, it is still unknown how many people were present in the building.

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Official reactions

The mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, and the deputy mayor Javier Bonet visited the site about 45 minutes after the disaster. Martínez urged people not to speculate about the cause. Only after all victims are found will a thorough investigation take place. Government representative Alfonso Rodríguez Badal was also present. Rumours that the building was in poor condition are being denied. The mayor has declared three days of mourning. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez closely followed the situation and expressed his condolences around 11.30 pm on X.

Yolanda Diaz, Spain’s vice-premier, also expressed her condolences to all family members and victims and offered her support to the emergency services.

Eyewitness reports

Javier from Playa de Palma witnessed the tragedy. “It was like a bomb,” he told Ultima Hora. According to residents, the building was “renovated a few years ago,” and the collapsed section was used as a chill zone. Raul Pursnani, owner of the store next to Medusa Beach, said, “The collapse happened very quickly, and the noise was enormous. It’s very sad. I can hardly speak. People were on vacation, they were eating. And look what happened,” he said visibly emotional.

Other disasters

The collapsed beach club reminds island residents of other disasters. Such as the collapse of two floors in the Can Picafort Park hotel in 2000, which resulted in no fatalities. In 2009, a building collapsed on calle Rodríguez Aria in the Camp de’n Serralta district of Palma. Finally, there was a disaster of a completely different order, namely the flood of Sant Llorenç in 2018, in which 13 people died.

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