Summer heat and tropical nights back in parts of Spain

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high temperatures in parts of Spain

While it will continue to rain in Catalonia until Friday evening and the northern Atlantic coast of Spain into the following days, increased atmospheric stability is noticeable in other parts of Spain. The DANA that was active in those areas is slowly disappearing and making way for a radical weather change.

On Friday the temperature will start to rise significantly to above 30ºC and in some parts in the south of Spain even to above 35ºC. With this increase, temperatures are between 3 and 7 degrees above normal values for this time of year.

The Spanish weather agency AEMET describes the weekend temperatures as ‘usual for the end of June’. From Friday they will certainly rise until Sunday. The provincial capitals with the highest temperatures in Spain will be Seville and Cordoba with 34ºC on Saturday and Cordoba with 36ºC on Sunday. Furthermore, it will be warmer than 34ºC in the lower interior of Andalucia and Extremadura.

Cooler due to wind from the sea

At the other extreme will be cities such as Vitoria, Pamplona Valencia and Barcelona where the mercury will hover around 20 to 22ºC due to cooler winds coming from the sea. On Thursday it will not be warmer than 17ºC in A Coruña, Burgos, Lugo, Oviedo, San Sebastian, Santander and Vitoria. The most noticeable temperature increase by the weekend compared to the past few days will be seen in Galicia and Cantabria in northwest Spain .

First tropical nights

The weekend will therefore be mainly sunny with a little rain shower here and there in the northern parts of Spain. Meteorologists speak of a ‘veranillo’ (a summer) for a few days, certainly until Monday, with the highest temperatures in the south. AEMET also announces the first tropical night on Sunday in Malaga, Santa Cruz in Tenerife and also in the river valleys of inland Andalucia. The mercury there does not drop below 20 degrees at night.

Weather agency Meteored also sees the possibility of a weak ‘calima’, an episode of desert dust in the air, at the Alborán Sea which will develop from eastern Andalucia towards the further east coast and the Balearic Islands over the weekend.

Second half of next week will be cooler again

It is expected that it will still be warm on Tuesday with hardly any rain throughout the country. Nights are tropical in large parts of the southern half of Spain and temperatures can reach up to 34 degrees at points in the northeast of the country, the northern plateau and large parts of the centre and south of the country. From Wednesday, temperatures will start to drop again due to an increase in atmospheric instability with showers, thunderstorms in the northern half of the country.

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