This will be the most densely populated Spanish region by 2040

by Lorraine Williamson
densely populated

In the next three decades, almost 700,000 inhabitants will be added and the region will have 9.3 million inhabitants, according to the demographic projection study of the INE.

It is about Andalucia; an area with many attractive places to live. The autonomous region will continue to grow in population and will be the most densely populated region. In the next fifteen years, it will be the most densely populated region in Spain. By 2040, it will have more than 9.3 million inhabitants, according to Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Population growth

The region is one of the areas with the highest population growth, which will put it ahead of Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia in terms of population. These regions have the highest growth rates in the population forecast up to the year 2074, which was recently carried out by the INE. Specifically, Andalucia will have the fourth largest increase in inhabitants in the next three decades, with about 695,000 additional inhabitants, behind only Catalonia, Madrid and the Valencian Community, according to data published on the INE website.

Demographic forecast

INE’s demographic forecast predicts that Andalucia will continue to grow by 8%, which is however below the national average of 10.6% in the coming years.

Andalucia will also be the region with the most households, ahead of Catalonia and Madrid. The decrease in population density per household will be recorded in Castilla y León, with 41.9% of houses occupied by only one person, followed by Asturias, with 40.5%, together with Extremadura and La Rioja, with 38.3%, respectively.

In percentage terms, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian Community are the regions with the most population growth at 19%, ahead of Murcia (17.2%), Catalonia (15.4%) and Madrid (15.1%).

The study also indicates that the Canary Islands, with 12%, and Navarre, with 11.1%, will also grow above average, while on the other hand, some regions will lose population, in particular Asturias (4.1%), Extremadura (3.4%), Castile and León (0.7%) and Galicia (0.3%), as well as Ceuta (6.5%).

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