This Spanish beach belongs to the best beaches in Europe

by Lorraine Williamson
The beaches of Bolonia

Spain is known for having the most beautiful beaches in the world. Millions of people flock to our shores every year to enjoy a few days of sun, sea and tranquility. The province of Cádiz has some of the most special white beaches with crystal clear waters in Spain and Europe. They are reminiscent of the Caribbean.

 Some of those beaches that catch the eye are the beaches of Bolonia, known for its white sand. But the main plus of these beaches is that they have natural pools. You can take a dip between the rocks. But Bolonia is much more. Bolonia also has a spectacular 30-metre-high dune that serves as the highest point and viewpoint of this particular enclave. In recent years, it has been recognised as one of the best beaches in Europe and one of the most impressive in Spain.

Wild sandy area near Tarifa

This area belongs to Tarifa and is formed by a wild sandy area that has shaped nature into a paradise full of unspoiled landscapes where the sea breeze takes us away from the stress of the city and our daily lives. It is not a large beach, as it is about 4 kilometres long and 70 metres wide.

And although Tarifa is very touristy due to its geographical location, the beaches of Bolonia are not too crowded. Of course, there are many visitors who go there for kite surfing and windsurfing. And hikers also know where to find the natural pools of Bolonia. But, despite their beauty, they are not very well known. However, you can only enjoy it at certain times. That’s when the tide is high enough to fill these natural pools.

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The advantages of the saltwater pools

The action of the sea and its floods create these saltwater pools. There is less wave action. The baths are also a perfect option for children, as the water is warmer than that of the sea.

A number of visitors use the remains of natural clay to moisturise their skin. And under the water jets you can relax your muscles.

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