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by Lorraine Williamson
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MADRID – Despite the increase in food prices, consumers can save up to €994 if they choose to shop at the cheapest supermarket. This is evident from a recent survey by the consumer organisation OCU. 

Inflation and the resulting increase in prices have been the main culprits for the rise in shopping basket costs in Spain in recent months. Going to the supermarket is 15.2% more expensive than a year ago, according to the latest survey by the Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) on September 27. 

With the research, they have determined which branches throughout Spain are more expensive and cheaper. And also, which chains it may be cheaper to do your shopping. To this end, the prices of up to 239 basic food and drugstore products were studied. Researchers also visited approximately 1,180 companies from nearly 70 cities to compare 173,000 prices. 

Knowing which are the most affordable supermarkets to buy groceries from can be essential for cutting back on your expenses. According to estimates, the average savings this year could amount to €994 if you choose the cheapest company. The price can reach €3,500 if we buy in the most expensive store in Spain, according to calculations by OCU. 

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What is the cheapest supermarket in Spain according to the OCU? 

As this survey shows, Dani Supermercados is the cheapest chain in Spain. Founded 64 years ago in Granada, these establishments can only be found in the Andalucian provinces of Granada, Jaén, Almería and Málaga. Dani Supermercados is closely followed by the Tifer brand. You can find these supermarkets in the cities of Castilla y León. Tifer has been listed as the store with the lowest fresh produce prices. In addition, in the top 5 of cheapest supermarkets, we find others such as Family Cash, Alcampo and Supeco. The shops where you can fill the cheapest shopping basket also include Hiperdino or Sangüi. 

The cheapest branch in the study is the hypermarket Alcampo de Coia in Vigo, followed by the Alcampo in Murcia, the two Eurospar branches in Badajoz and the one in Cáceres, the Alcampo in Granada, Gijón and Castellón de la Plana, the Family Cash in Puertollano and the Alcampo in Oviedo. 

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