This city beats Seville as Spain’s most beautiful city

by Lorraine Williamson
the most beautiful city in Spain

What is the most beautiful city in Spain? This question was the starting point of a contest that went viral on X (formerly Twitter). The account Relatando Historia, which has over 116,000 followers, organised the contest. 

From 8.30 pm on 13 August, users of the platform could vote in the final for 48 hours. The result is now known, after the votes of thousands of users of X, as Elon Musk has renamed the platform.  

Determining which city is the most beautiful in a given area depends on many factors. Often it is subjective. But when so many people agree that certain places are the most beautiful, that is a sign that they have something. Either that, or there are many residents voting defending what is theirs). Thousands of Twitter users took part in the vote, filling in a survey. Moreover, one hundred cities participated in the election. And to get into the final, Sevilla and Granada first had to get through the group stage, quarterfinals and semi-finals. 

Cogesa Expats

Sevilla faced Cadiz in a semi-final. Granada competed against San Sebastián. The Andalucian capital defeated Cadiz with 57% of 35,597 votes. A narrow victory. Granada beat San Sebastian with 66% of 23,542 votes. Also a narrow lead. All this data was published by the account itself in tweets that gave continuity to the contest. 

In the end, after a blistering final the title of most beautiful city went to Granada, which won with 79,800 votes (52.7% of the votes) over Seville, which got 47.3% of the votes. Andalucia did well in the competition: at number three, Cadiz finished.  Jaén managed to reach number 12 on the list.

The top 10 in this election: 

  • Granada 
  • Seville 
  • Cadiz
  • San Sebastian 
  • Salamanca 
  • Zaragoza 
  • Gijón 
  • Vitoria 
  • León 
  • Oviedo

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