The UK Government warns travellers of the danger of fires in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
danger of fires

As in the toughest moments of the pandemic, the UK Government has once again issued a warning to British travellers. However, this time it has not been caused by the incidence of Covid in the population It is caused by the danger of forest andwild fires in Spain.

This time the Government warns of the macro-fires that are currently raging in Spain. Furthermore, they war of the dangers that they may entail for travellers. “Currently, there is an extreme risk of forest fires due to the exceptionally high temperatures in Spain,” reads the British government statement. “Be careful when visiting or driving through wooded areas,” it finally warns. 

Causing a forest fire is considered a crime

The statement also warns that “access to some areas, such as parks or nature reserves, may be limited or closed.”  However, the notice also calls for caution to British travellers. Furthermore, it warns that “causing a forest fire is considered a crime in Spain, even if it is not intentional.” “Make sure cigarette butts are well put out, don’t light barbecues and don’t leave empty bottles behind,” it advises. 

Furthermore, throwing a cigarette butt from your car will result in a fine, and points on your license.

In this sense, British tourists are informed that in some Spanish autonomous communities it is not permitted to have barbecues in the countryside during the summer. This includes areas that are set up for it as these are meant for the other months.

Advice from the Guardia Civil

Do not leave in the natural environment any object that you have used during your stay in the mountains or in the forest. This includes glasses, bottles, cans… ..). They may seem harmless, but they can be the cause danger of a fire. Therefore, the police urge you to demonstrate your commitment to nature and remove your rubbish responsibly!

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