The three most sought-after Spanish destinations for foreign tourists this autumn

by Lorraine Williamson
Spanish autumn destinations

The cities of Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid are the Spanish destinations most sought after by international tourists for autumn travel, according to data from travel search engine Kayak. 

Foreign visitors tend to choose coastal cities or large Spanish provincial capitals when visiting our country. Therefore, Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca always top the list. However, other coastal cities such as Málaga and Lloret del Mar are also becoming more popular. Cales de Mallorca, Ibiza, Alicante, Valencia and Seville close the list of the 10 most sought-after Spanish destinations for foreigners to travel to this autumn. 

The favourite autumn travel destination for Spaniards themselves is Palma de Mallorca. This is followed by Paris (France), Rome (Italy), London (UK) and Ibiza. Among long-haul destinations, New York is the most popular for Spaniards, followed by Buenos Aires, Bangkok and the Maldives. 

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Flight prices  

According to Kayak, searches for flights for the new season this autumn are up about 96% compared to last year. The reason is that flying to non-European international destinations is around 25% cheaper than in June, July and August. Furthermore, it is even around 35% cheaper to national and European destinations. 

Travel trends 

One of the trends of travelling this autumn is that the duration of trips tend to be slightly shorter. Spanish travellers will spend one day less than in autumn 2021 travelling to European destinations (five days) and long-haul destinations (19 days). However, the search for long-haul international destinations is increasing. Kayak points to an increase of about 138% compared to 2021. Meanwhile, searches for accommodation for far-away destinations have also increased by about 99%. In addition, searches for European destinations have also increased by about 111% compared to last autumn, as have searches for domestic destinations by about 47%. 

Searches for hotels for individual trips also increased by more than 100% compared to last autumn, while searches for hotels for groups fell. 

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