A week of wet and unstable weather in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
unstable weather

The weather will be a wet and unstable this week in Spain. On Monday, the northwest of Spain will get a foretaste with rain and local storms. Tuesday does not seem to be a problem, but from Wednesday Aemet predicts heavy rainfall in almost all of Spain. 

The Aemet, the weather service of Spain, warned on Monday morning of the arrival of a significant depression from the coast of Portugal. It will most likely last all week and will cause quite unstable weather. 

Monday rain in northwest Spain and local storm 

Initially, only the northwestern regions in Spain will notice this. The first rain and thunderstorms are expected in Galicia and Asturias later today. In almost the entire northern part of Spain, the sun will only show itself to a limited extent and locally the Aemet storm is forecast in the northwest and in the centre of Spain. 

On Tuesday, there seems to be no more unstable weather and the storms and rain seem to have left the country. On this day the sun shines again in a large part of Spain. Only in the western part of Galicia will the rain continue. 

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Heavy rain in much of Spain on Wednesday 

However, the unstable weather is not over yet and Aemet expects that to change again on Wednesday. Early in the morning, Portugal and the western part of Spain will have to deal with heavy rainfall. During the day, the rain will move eastwards, after which it only seems to remain dry in the southeast of Spain and the Balearic Islands. 

Until the weekend wet and colder in Spain 

As far as temperatures are concerned, these will show considerable peaks and troughs in the coming days due to the many disturbances. In a large part of Spain it will remain a bit warmer until Tuesday, but it will become a lot colder when the rain showers pass over the country on Wednesday. 

The rain is expected to continue on Thursday and Friday and it will be wet in almost all of Spain. It doesn’t seem to clear up until the weekend and dry periods seem to be coming. 


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