The police warn of a new scam with Mercadona

by Lorraine Williamson
scammers pose as Mercadona
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The police warn of a new scam that has already gone viral. In this case, scammers pretend to be supermarket chain, Mercadona. Then, they attempt to collect personal and banking information from those that have fallen into the trap.

Firstly, an email is sent saying “You have been selected!” You are advised you have won a prize in the form of free products from Mercadona.

Always check the official Mercadona website

The National Police tweeted warning of the scam on their twitter account. They said, “If you have not participated in any contest, but have been mysteriously selected to receive free products. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT! It is not @mercadona. However, if you have any doubts, it is always best to check with the official website.

Police warn of Mercadona scam

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Police warn, never give out personal information and banking details.

The purpose of the scam is solely to obtain this information. However, it is not the first of its kind similar scams have been happening with other well-known companies such as Carrefour.  The scammers tempt you to participate in a game where you have several opportunities to win free products and receive other benefits. You are asked to complete a form with your personal and bank details. All these scams usually follow the same format, by making you click on the links to win the prizes or discounts.

Mercadona has confirmed it is not company policy to include discounts, promotions, or gifts of this type.

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