The first repatriation plane returns from Kabul to Madrid

by Lorraine Williamson
repatriation plan with Afghanistan children

WORLD NEWS – Among the 53 on the flight were 32 Afghan children whose parents collaborated over the years with the Spanish authorities. Five were of Spanish nationality, and the remainder, Afghan parents and families.

Immediately on arrival in Spain, all passengers were taken and antigen tests were carried out.  After which, the process to apply for asylum will begin. Therefore, during the next 72 hours, the people will be looked after at the airport base.

In a few days, reception centres will be located throughout Spain. Then the refugees moved there to begin their new lives in safety. Families will be accommodated in state apartment blocks. 

Repatriation plane from Kabul

Kabul remains an extremely dangerous place. Moreover, there are still some citizens that must be repatriated to Spain. However, due to the situation, many are in hiding and difficult to communicate with and locate.

As reported by El Pais, Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares said “there are very few Spaniards left in Afghanistan. Only the ambassador and a few officials. Only the personnel essential to coordinate the evacuation of the remaining Afghan collaborators.”  

ASSSA - health insurance in Spain

People are in hiding

He continued, “the government is doing everything possible to bring to Spain all the people who have worked with the Executive. But it is not easy. Afghan translators are now in hiding and unable to access the airport”.

Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá has confirmed that at least for the first six months, the evacuees will be given every assistance by the Spanish government.  They will be helped integrate into Spanish society and will be taught the language.

Police and military

GEO (Special Operations Group) and IPU (Police Intervention Units) agents have been working tirelessly for three days. They work to ensure the safety of Afghan employees from the embassy and the Armed Forces. Furthermore, there are between 500-600 people on the official list to be evacuated.

Due to the problems getting to the airport, the agents must attempt to meet the employees at a designated location before transferring them to a safe place while awaiting a repatriation flight to Dubai. In this way, people may then come from Dubai to Spain in military aircraft, or, due to numbers, on a commercial flight.

The situation remains extremely tense and dangerous for all concerned.

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