Spanish villages enticing remote workers with relocation packages

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Ponga in Asturias is one of the willages promoting themselves to remote workers

With decreasing populations in rural communities, some villages in Spain are trying to attract remote workers to relocate. Packages vary, as do the destinations. So where could you relocate to?

Due to continuing depopulation, some small Spanish towns are looking for ways to attract new residents. Some have launched interesting schemes that include incentives for those willing to relocate there.

Digital nomad visa

Spain aims to introduce a digital nomad visa and tax incentives for startups soon. They hope these will attract remote workers and new businesses to the country.

Meanwhile, 30 towns across Spain joined the National Network of Welcoming Villages, designed to attract foreign remote workers. Despite their relatively small size, these villages are offering the necessary services including co-working spaces and high-speed internet.

Where could you relocate to?

The south

Tolox rooftops

The rooftops of Tolox

Malaga province, in the south, has two towns in the scheme – Benarrabá and Tolox. Benarrabá has 460 inhabitants, and the cost of living is around €392 per week. Tolox, which is in the Sierra de las Nieves mountains, is therefore cheaper to live. It has a population of 2,250 and the cost of living is only €150 per week.

Northern Spain



Located in Aragon, picturesque Oliete is near the vibrant city of Zaragoza. It has a rich gastronomic scene and the cost of living is €314 per week.

Cogesa Expats

For a climate more similar to the UK, Kuartango, Basque Country, in the north of Spain, has a weekly cost of €310. It is small, with only 430 inhabitants but the location by Gorbeia Natural Park is great for those who really wish to destress.

Basque Country

Hiking in the Basque Country

The town of Ponga in Asturias (main image), is giving families €3,000 (£2,600) to settle in the town. There’s an additional €3,000 for each baby born in the town.

If you relocate to Rubia, in Galicia, the council gives an extra €100-150 per month to new residents’ income.


Tejeda, Gran Canaria

Tejeda, Gran Canaria

For a warm year-round climate, the Canary Islands are a great bet. The town of Tejeda, is in the mountains of Gran Canaria. The cost of living is only €205 per person per week, and it’s an hour’s drive to the coast.


Vineyards surrounding San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Vineyards surrounding San Vicente de la Sonsierra

In the beautiful wine region of La Rioja, the town of San Vicente de La Sonsierra is looking for foreigners to relocate there. The cost of living is €205 per person and the town has a population of 1,030.

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