The British will spend more than 11 billion this year on their holiday in Spain

by Lorraine Williamson
British spend while on holiday

MADRID – Spain will remain the main destination for British tourism in 2022. According to a study by the platform, the country will receive more than 16 million British travellers this year, who will spend more than €11 billion during their holiday. 

According to the platform, Spain has been Britain’s favourite tourist destination for the past ten years. And, furthermore, this year will be no exception. Google searches for the term “holiday in Spain” show a 73% increase so far in 2022. 

UK tourism figures close to pre-pandemic level 

In this way, it is already close to the pre-pandemic level in terms of UK tourism figures. In 2019, the country received 18 million travellers from the United Kingdom, while the all-time high was set in 2017 when 18.8 million were received, data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) shows. 

Top 3 foreign visitors to Spain 

To put Spain’s superiority as a holiday destination for its main visitor group into perspective, we need only look at the estimates of the number of French people planning to visit Spain. That country is number 2 with 7 million tourists, followed by Italy with 3.6 million visitors. 

Double the amount of French tourists 

The difference between the top three positions makes it clear. The number of Brits is double the number of French visitors. Furthermore it’s five times the number of Italians who choose Spain as their holiday destination. Moreover, it is estimated this ratio will remain unchanged for the next ten years. The British will continue to spend in Spain. 

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