Storms caused by tropical cyclone could hit Spain this weekend

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Cyclone could bring storms to Spain

Meteorologists are monitoring the formation of a new tropical cyclone. According to the first indications, it could enter the Atlantic or advance to the south of the Canary Islands. However, experts warn about the uncertainty of this forecast.

The phenomenon would have its origin in an East African wave. These waves usually extend to the west and cause devastating downpours in Africa.

As detailed by Juan José Villena, from Meteored, “Hurricane Larry will be very far from our country but, despite this, it could condition the weather here for the weekend. The ‘East African wave’ could come to the Canary Islands already for next week “.

No cyclone warnings at the moment

The cyclone could form in the south of the Canary archipelago between the 11th and 13th of this month. Although they tend to move towards the interior of the tropical Atlantic, the possibility is the cyclone does not last long. At the moment, global institutions are not warning of this meteorological phenomenon, since there is no broad consensus.

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Larry Effects

As Hurricane Larry continues to move through the central and western Atlantic, a corridor could open to the east of the anticyclone that would temporarily cause tropical casualties to be generated from Africa to the north, skirting the coast.

As Villena explains, “facing the weekend, Hurricane Larry, probably already as an extratropical storm, will have shaken the jet stream causing a new trough or DANA that will be approaching the west of the peninsula. Thus, meteorological instability will become evident here and there”.

“Everything indicates that Aragon, Catalonia and the Valencian Community, except for the southernmost part of the latter, on Saturday will register stormy showers that may be locally strong; especially in the Catalan interior and in the province of Teruel”, adds the expert.

And to close the week, “an Atlantic front will progress through the western third of the peninsula, leaving in the first half of the day rainfall in Galicia and from the central hours also in western Andalucia, Extremadura, western Castilla y León, Asturias, Cantabria and even in the Basque Country. Clouds will also arrive from the southwest to the Canary Islands that may leave some drops, perhaps the first of the aforementioned East African wave, “concludes Villena.

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