Spring in Spain is getting drier and warmer than usual

by Lorraine Williamson
Spring in Spain

WEATHER – Spring in Spain will be drier and warmer than usual, the Spanish AEMET predicts during a presentation about the weather in Spain. This forecast came after another warning of a “meteorological droughtacross Spain. 

Spokesperson Ruben del Campo of the Spanish Weather Service explained his predictions and conclusions during the presentation. He first looked back at last season; The amount of rain, with the exception of the Cantabrian coast and a large part of the Pyrenees, was below the average of what normally falls in Spain. 

In the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, and eastern Andalucia, less than 25% of what normally falls, fell. 

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Again warning of meteorological drought across Spain 

The AEMET analysed precipitation data from March 2021 to February 2022 and found a “meteorological drought” across Spain. What had been predicted earlier seems to be coming true. Spain will experience a longer period of droughts, such as this year in January and February. After which a significant amount of precipitation falls in a short period, as in the first two weeks of March. 

Spring is getting drier and warmer than usual 

As for forecasts for the coming spring, which will start on Saturday night, Del Campo said it will be drier along the Atlantic coast. It also forecasts more extreme weather along Spain’s northwest coast from time to time. The AEMET expects the average temperature for the whole of Spain next spring to be on average half a degree warmer than normal for spring. 

Spain experienced third warmest winter of the 21st century 

The prediction of a drier and warmer spring comes at the same time as the conclusion that last winter was the third warmest winter of the 21st century. The average temperature in Spain was 7.9 degrees, which is 1.5 degrees higher than normal. The two winter seasons that were even warmer than last winter are those of 2011-2012 and 2018-2019. 

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