Spiritual retreat house dismantled for carrying out shamanic healing rituals

by Lorraine Williamson
spiritual retreat

MURCIA – The Guardia Civil has dismantled a spiritual retreat house in the municipality of Yecla in Murcia. At the time of their arrival to the rural house, the alleged shamans were giving an ayahuasca retreat to clients.

Investigation Kambo began when it was noticed that the premises did not have any type of license or administrative authorisation. Yet, the shamanic rituals were being offered by a couple from the UK via the internet. On social media, they promoted themselves as a healing house oriented to self-development groups, shamanic retreats, addiction recovery, and detoxification among other things.

Despite the lack of an appropriate license, retreats were explicitly offered at a cost per person of €45 per day for a minimum stay of three nights. They even advertised group offers of €500 per day for 16 guests.


When the Guardia Civil in Murcia carried out a search of the country house located in the municipality of Yecla, they found an ayahuasca retreat was being held. One of the rooms of the house was furnished with seven bunks and two armchairs. This was where the shamans were directing the ritual and the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances. Seven people of various nationalities were in a guided practise at the time.

In the same room, blood pressure monitors were found ready to deal with any eventuality that might arise during the aforementioned spiritual practices.


At the property, a multitude of psychedelic  substances harmful to health were intervened. Without any sanitary control, these were being supplied to the clients.

During the search, 14 litres of ayahuasca were seized. This is an indigenous drink used in traditional South American medicine by native peoples that, due to its psychoactive components, generates hallucinogenic effects. A pot of sananga was also seized. This is Amazonian eye drops to treat eye ailments. But it is also used in certain ceremonies to increase spiritual perception. Three kilos of marijuana, three kilos of snuff, 29 pots of pipettes with marijuana extract, 44 lollipops and sweets with San Pedro extract, 304 San Pedro cactus and 200 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms were also seized.

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Two people have been arrested for crimes of professional intrusion, against public health and against flora, fauna and domestic animals

The investigation of the Civil Guard has determined that the supposed spiritual guides facilitated the substances without sanitary control, producing in the attendees a series of physical effects: from sweating, dizziness, nausea or muscular contractions that could last between eight and twelve hours. However, some effects could cause more severe complications of a cardiac nature.

Agents from the Nature Protection Service of the Guardia also took part in the intervention, verifying that ceremonies with kambó had been offered in previous posts on the website. This substance is obtained from the skin secretion of an Amazonian frog and has a high content of natural opiates. Furthermore, is 40 times more powerful than morphine and can cause a serious health risk. This activity with kambó was offered by the couple of shamans at an increased price of €100 per person.

Protected species

Several goldfinch wings (a protected species) were also found on the farm. These were placed to be dissected on some wooden planks. They were supposedly being used for the ornamentation of some of the tools and supplies. Therefore, a crime against flora, fauna and domestic animals is attributed to them.

The detainees, are a British couple of a 47-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman. Together with the seized substances, they were made available to Yecla Investigating Court number 1.

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