Spanish woman at 115 years the world’s longest-living person

by Lorraine Williamson
longest-living person

Catalan Maria Branyas has become the world’s longest-living person with 115 years following the death this Tuesday of French nun Lucile Random, who held the title with her 118 years. 

This is according to the rankings of the Gerontoly Group Research, a group founded in 1990 at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) that promotes the exchange and application of knowledge in scientific research and is affiliated with World Guinness Records. 

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Longest-living person

Spanish Maria Branyas, who lives in a care home in Olot (Girona), was born on 4 March 1907 in the United States. Her father worked there as a journalist. During World War I, she came to Spain by ship, where she experienced the Spanish flu epidemic and the civil war. In 2020, Branyas survived the coronavirus.  She says she is so old because she is lucky to have “good health”. Maria is just a few days older than Japan’s Fusa Tatsumi, who is also 115 years old.  

She can call herself the world’s longest-living person since the death of France’s Lucile Randon. This nun, known as Sister André, died at the age of 118 in the city of Toulon, in the south of France. The city’s mayor, Hubert Falco, confirmed the death on Tuesday, recalling that she would have turned 119 in less than a month, on 11 February. “It is with immense sadness and enormous emotion that I have just learned of the death of Sister André,” Falco said in a post dedicated to the nun on his Facebook profile. 

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