Spanish royal family received 301 gifts last year

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Spanish Royal Family

In 2023, the Spanish Royal Family received a total of 301 institutional gifts. Almost half of these, 150 pieces, were intended for King Felipe VI.

Queen Letizia received 72 gifts. These included a cashmere wool scarf from the Indian ambassador during the recent FITUR tourist fair. Small gifts were also noted, such as a figure of the Dama de Elche of the city of the municipality of Elche on the same FITUR. Princess Leonor, who recently reached adulthood, received 14 gifts. One of them was remarkable. She received the Spanish Constitution of 1978 from Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, in celebration of her coming of age and her swearing-in into Congress. She also received the coat of arms of Ceuta from the president of this autonomous Spanish city in North Africa.

Gifts with a personal touch

The other members of the family were also not left out: Queen Sofia received eight gifts and Infanta Sofia two. The mother of the Spanish king received, among other things, a portrait of her eldest granddaughter Leonor on the occasion of the 58th presentation of the Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture. In addition, there were 55 gifts that were given jointly to the royal family. Among the notable gifts was a Ukrainian flag, given to King Felipe by Ukrainian fighters. A signed shirt from the Cádiz football club to Queen Letizia during an international conference on the Spanish language also stood out.

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Since the introduction of the Transparency Law in 2015, the Spanish Royal Family has annually published a list of all institutional gifts it has received. Since then, they have received a total of 3,238 gifts. That amounts to an average of approximately 360 gifts per year. King Felipe leads with an average of 170 donations per year, while Queen Letizia receives an average of 81.

Juan Carlos

King Juan Carlos I no longer appears on the list since he stopped attending official activities in 2020. Between 2015 and his retirement, he received 33 institutional gifts.

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