Spanish meat industry invests in sustainability

by Lorraine Williamson
sustainability and digitisation

MADRID – The Spanish meat industry wants to produce more sustainably over the next three years’. And, to a large extent, it plans to have the process digitised. This involves an investment of €3.5billion. 

European Funding

Half of this amount comes from European funds from the Next Generation EU recovery plan. And the other half from the resources of the six participating organisations and 21 companies from the various meat sectors. Also, two technology companies have joined the project. And the expectation is that even more SMEs and smaller cooperatives will also join. The plan will be presented to the Spanish government in April. After which it can be sent to Brussels for the subsidy application. 

The project has many elements that correspond with the direction the European Union is taking. According to the participants, it is exactly what a strategic project should look like in order to receive European support. Moreover, the Spanish sector wants to become a leader in this new, more sustainable and digital economy. 

Sustainability and digitisation 

In terms of sustainability the plan includes ideas to join the European Green Deal. Also to reduce the use of non-recyclable plastic by 25%. And to increase the use of renewable energy to 70% within the next three years. In addition, the fight against climate change and reducing CO2 emissions by 15% for livestock farming. And also 30% for the meat industry are mentioned. 

When it comes to digitisation, both the meat and livestock industries want to use Blockchain technology for up to 50% of their exports. They also plan to expand online sales channels to 10% of participating companies, and boost robotisation. 

Other goals 

In addition to sustainability and digitisation, the plan includes actions for equality of opportunity.  Whereby 50% of positions at all levels are held by women. Attention is also paid to animal welfare. Furthermore, the introduction of the Spanish animal welfare certificate ‘Compromiso Bienestar Animal’ will be further implemented throughout 2021. This is a hallmark that identifies Spanish products that meet the world’s most demanding animal welfare standards. These standards are endorsed by a scientific committee made up of prestigious independent professionals. This provides added value to the consumer of the relevant meat products. 

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