Spanish company flourishes after ‘feedback’ from Elon Musk on a tweet

by Lorraine Williamson
Elon Musk tweet

PAMPLONA – Nearly 100 years after American writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway put Pamplona on the map thanks to his writings about the city, magnate Elon Musk has repeated that feat. Albeit adapted to the current digital age in a tweet.

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk responded to a tweet from Navarrese startup Tweet Binder. He praised the ego of the South African tycoon and his success in acquiring the social network. This started a reaction that multiplied the traffic and activity of the Spanish company. 

Global discovery of the company 

The newspaper El Economista writes that the feedback on Musk led to the worldwide discovery of this company, whose activity and traffic to the website have increased enormously in recent weeks. And that’s exactly what the company wanted: for Musk to know about their existence. It was a tweet with a marketing undertone that at the same time demonstrated the effectiveness of the Stimulus-Response Theory. 

Online marketing 

Tweet Binder is a technology platform that measures campaigns on Twitter. It was founded in 2012 by Javier Abrego, a law graduate from the University of Navarra and an MBA in Business Management from the University of Deusto. Ábrego, who also launched the real estate portal Inmonet in 2004, is closely linked to online marketing, through the LINC agency owned by Grupo La Información (Diario de Navarra) and Grupo Heraldo (Heraldo de Aragón). 

Cogesa Expats

The goal of the Navarrese company was to attract the attention of Elon Musk and they succeeded. In response to a message from the Twitter owner, Tweet Binder shared one of his reports and analysis of the social network on December 16 from his official account with the message “Twitter is now THE social network.” That message to Elon Musk was accompanied by a graph showing the increase in mentions of the businessman’s account. That had increased to 160,000 tweets per day in a few days. A few days later, that figure was close to a billion daily mentions. 


Shortly afterwards, Musk responded with a “Woohoo” and three flames. That was enough to make the Pamplona company popular overnight. As seen in the tweets, the Tweet Binder post reached 319,300 visits and the reply was viewed 316,800 times. 

Tweet Binder owner Javier Ábrego stated in El Confidencial that his goal was to get Musk’s attention to increase his company’s traffic. As a result, December is the best month in the company’s history. It now has 39,600 followers. 

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