Spanish clothing group Inditex sues American fashion brand

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Inditex, the Spanish parent company of Zara, among others, has sued Thilikó. It accuses the Los Angeles fashion company of copyright infringement, misleading advertising and unfair trade practices. 

Media and news site The Fashion Law reports that Inditex filed a case against Thilikó on January 4 – in a court in New York. The fashion giant accuses Thilikó and owner Queenie Williams of reselling Zara items as their own with exorbitant profit margins. Seemingly, they have inflated prices to such an extent that they are asking more than six times the original price for the items. 

Deception and confusion 

To market the products, Thilikó used exactly the same photos as those of the Zara website on their website and socials. According to Inditex, the Los Angeles-based brand violates the terms of Zara’s e-commerce website. These prohibit the use, reproduction and unauthorised modification of its online content. So far, Inditex has determined that more than 30 photos have been used by Thilikó without their permission. Product descriptions would also have been taken over one-on-one. 

‘Thilikó is doing greenwashing’ 

According to Inditex, Thilikó is also guilty of greenwashing: pretending to be more sustainable and socially responsible than it actually is. “The American fashion company attracts consumers by emphasising its social responsibility, sustainably produced products and ethically designed clothing. It is misleading,” the Inditex charge said. 

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Inditex claims to have suffered significant damage 

Inditex claims to have suffered considerable damage. “Copyright infringement and unfair trade practices have caused financial damage and significant reputational damage.” 

The Spanish clothing group is therefore demanding compensation from Thilikó. In addition, the plaintiff wants a ban on the use of copyright-protected photos and incorrect and misleading advertising. “The one-to-one takeover of product descriptions must also stop”. 

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