Spanish beer brands optimise beer production for a better environment

by Lorraine Williamson
beer production

The Spanish beer brand Mahou-San Miguel shows that everyone can contribute to a better environment. The production centre in Burgos reuses the heat from the ovens, reducing their gas consumption and CO2 emissions by 70%. 

In fact, no one can really ignore it anymore: To stop climate change, or to slow down this process, everyone has to help. More and more companies are therefore committed to making their processes more sustainable and climate neutral or even climate positive. 

Beer production is no exception to this rule, as evidenced by the story of one of Spain’s best-known beer brands, Mahou-San Miguel from Burgos. The production centre is also committed to making every step of their beer production more efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Heat from ovens is used during the brewing process 

For example, ovens at the Mahou-San Miguel production center ensure the glass that is melted to make beer bottles is also used in another way. The heat from these ovens is reused during the brewing of the beer, which saves energy to a significant extent. 

The heat from the ovens is converted into steam. This steam travels through pipes from one San Miguel factory to another and is stored in boilers. These boilers heat the water used to grind the raw materials to brew beer. This measure alone has enabled the Mahou-San Miguel production centr to reduce gas consumption and CO2 emissions by approximately 70%. 

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Replace plastic with cardboard 

Another small measure with a big impact is that Mahou-San Miguel recently replaced the plastic rings that hold the 6-pack cans together with cardboard. As a result, the beer brand has succeeded in completely eliminating plastic from the production process. 

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Beer brand Cervezas Ambar from Aragón is also introducing a sustainable measure 

However, Mahou-San Miguel is not the only beer producer in Spain to improve production processes with sustainability in mind. Earlier this week, beer producer Cervezas Ambar from Aragón announced that 25% of the energy needed to produce their beer will come from solar energy. This measure prevents the emission of 870 tons of CO2 per year. 

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