Spanish bar with fluctuating prices just like the stock exchange

by Lorraine Williamson
stock exchange bar

Tucked away in the vibrant neighbourhood of Malasaña in Madrid, there is a bar that combines the excitement of the stock exchange with the pleasures of gastronomy. Moreover, Wall St Madrid offers a fresh and innovative approach to the restaurant scene in the Spanish capital. 

What sets Wall St Madrid apart from other bars in the city is its unique pricing system. Similar to the New York Stock Exchange, the prices of drinks and dishes on the menu fluctuate every five minutes, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that transports customers into the world of finance while also providing them with a chance to save a few euros. 

Important to order at the right moment 

The menu at Wall St Madrid is divided into two separate screens: one for food and one for drinks. Each item is displayed with its current price as well as its trend, indicating whether it is on the rise or fall. Customers need to stay vigilant and keep an eye on the screens to ensure they order at the right moment and pay the best possible price. 

While the price fluctuations are not significant, every euro and every second counts at Wall St Madrid. Choosing the right time to approach the bar and place an order is key for those who want to have fun while also saving some money. 

Cogesa Expats


The menu at Wall St Madrid offers a diverse range of dishes and tapas, including croquettes, salads, wings, ribs, and more. From 11.00 am until 6.30 pm, customers can indulge in a sweet and savoury brunch that includes croissants, pancakes, bagels, cookies, bacon, cold cuts, and more. Then, at 2.00 am, the venue transforms into a lively bar with a vibrant atmosphere. 

Located on Calle de la Palma, Wall St Madrid, with a name that conjures up images of towering New York skyscrapers and frenzied stock traders making snap investment decisions,  has quickly become one of the trendiest bars in Malasaña. With its unique combination of gastronomy, stock market thrills, and lively ambience, Wall St Madrid offers a curious experience for visitors to Madrid. 

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