Spaniards need passport for UK travel from October 1

by Lorraine Williamson
Passport required
nederlandse orthopeed

MADRID – Spaniards who want to visit the United Kingdom from October 1 will need to have a passport Therefore, they will not be able to travel as before with only their DNI.

“We want to ensure that Spaniards can continue to travel comfortably to my country. And that is why it is important that they are aware of this change and take action, if necessary,” stated the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott.

Two million Spaniards

“More than two million Spaniards visited the UK in 2019. And, like Spain, we are hoping tourism can return, as long as the regulations to deal with Covid allow it,” he added.

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Until 2025

The Embassy clarified that Spaniards who have registered in the United Kingdom Settlement Program for EU citizens who resided in the country before December 31, 2020, will still be able to continue travelling with their ID until 2025. Furthermore, over 350,000 Spaniards have signed up for this programme.

Align EU countries

The passport requirement, the Embassy explained, will align EU countries with other countries in the world in terms of entry requirements in Britain. This is in addition to guaranteeing a higher level of security since identity documents are more vulnerable to counterfeiting. Also, it allows the crossing of the border post through the electronic gates, which are the fastest and most efficient methods.

Full information can be found on the official UK Government website.

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