Spaniard is among ‘most wanted’ by Europol

by Lorraine Williamson

MADRID – Europol has revealed Europe’s most wanted fugitives. These are the most dangerous criminals wanted by law enforcement agencies across Europe. Among these ‘most wanted’ is also a Spaniard. 

The European Union Agency for Police Cooperation, popularly known as Europol, has launched a new campaign to track down the European Union’s most wanted fugitives. This is via a new web page entitled ‘Game over– The site points out that criminal organisations consist of various players who carry out different illegal activities. Therefore, by tracing the key figures, the European institution hopes to dismantle such networks by collapsing the house of cards. 

That is why Europol also needs the cooperation of the public. Just as the National Police has been asking the public for help since May last year to find as many fugitives as possible. The list includes the heads of various criminal organisations and the largest drug traffickers on the international scene. Then there are the violent criminals and the “jokers” who act as facilitators. 

A Spaniard, one of the most wanted fugitives in Europe 

One of Europol’s “most wanted” now turns out to be Spanish fugitive, Erick de Ventura Pacheco, better known as Peru. Europol’s website states that the 36-year-old man is wanted as an alleged lieutenant of one of the most dangerous and violent criminal organisations in Spain in recent decades. The organisation is led by Ángel Suárez Flores, better known as Casper, to whom at least 36 crimes are attributed. This includes drug trafficking, illegal detention, torture, threats or kidnapping. 

Cogesa Expats

Demand: 965 years in prison 

As Europol explains on its website, the court is demanding a prison sentence of up to 965 years for him. How does this organisation work? According to Europol, the group was committed to stealing large amounts of illegal drugs from other traffickers. To do this, the members of this organisation sought information on the seaports. With that, they would then gain access to drug-laden containers and later steal them later. 

Europol states that Erick is an expert in various technical and computer tools. He uses these skills for the surveillance and tracking of smugglers who import drugs. After the substance leaves the port, the members of this gang kidnapped those who guarded it.  Later they tortured and threatened them. 

Do you have information about Erick? 

If you have any information on this most wanted Spanish fugitive, Europol invites you to contact them. According to Europol, Erick has the rank of “Joker” based on the structure of his particular crime in the house of cards. The joker represents criminals involved in human trafficking, firearms crimes and financial crimes: “Some of the most dangerous criminals in the EU have committed these crimes and are on the run. 

Check out the EU’s most wanted list for yourself today and see if you can help us find them. And watch the video in which the Spanish National Police explains on Twitter how a criminal gang operates like a house of cards. 

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