Spain’s most wanted fugitive arrested in Germany

by Lorraine Williamson
fugitive caught

MADRID – Spain´s most wanted fugitive, La Diabla has been located and arrested by the Spanish police in Hamburg (Germany). He was wanted for the sexual exploitation of multiple women and transsexuals in different parts of Spain.

Together with Antonio Angles and Norbert Khöler, this Leudis Isaac Corro Camacho was on the current list of fugitives most wanted by the Spanish authorities. Police sources confirmed to Efe that La Diabla was on Interpol’s “most wanted” list because he was a member of a European criminal organisation that recruited victims to sexually exploit. 

ENFAST network

The operation was carried out in collaboration with the German police BKA within the framework of the ENFAST network. Furthermore, the police tracked down the fugitive, of Venezuelan origin, by following him in several countries. 

He recruited his victims by taking advantage of the financially precarious situation they found themselves in. He then organised their transport via Germany or directly to their final destination in Madrid or Barcelona. 

Debt to be paid by prostitution

Once in Spain, the detainee accommodated his victims in his home and told them that they owed him a great deal of debt for the trip. Therefore, they had to pay that debt through forced prostitution, the same sources explain. 

According to police, the operation was carried out by providing the German BKA with information about links to sexual advertisements. This was then detected by Spanish agents that could possibly belong to the fugitive. 

Cogesa Expats

Europes´s most wanted

Through EUROPE’S MOST WANTED citizens’ cooperation channel (where anonymous information is received from citizens from Europe), the Spanish agents received information confirming La Diabla’s presence in Hamburg. 

Faced with this crucial piece of information, the investigators immediately contacted the FAST Germany team to attempt to arrest him. 

Sexual exploitation in different parts of Spain 

Police recalled that La Diabla’s arrest is based on the sexual exploitation of multiple women and transsexuals during their stay in different parts of Spain, including apartments in the cities of Barcelona and Oviedo, as well as a hostess club in Caspe (Zaragoza). From here he managed to flee a police raid at the last minute. 

The detainee recruited women and transsexuals in his country of origin, Venezuela, where they suffered from enormous economic vulnerability. He promised them a job in Spain. He then forced them to undergo breast augmentation and liposuction surgeries to later travel to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Germany. There they were locked in apartments and sexually exploited to pay an alleged expense debt of €12,000 euros. 

According to the police, the victims reported physical violence and ‘selling’ to other clubs or pimps, transactions that La Diabla carried out when it felt they were ‘not yet profitable’. 

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