Spain recommends vaccination against monkeypox and fourth corona vaccination

by Lorraine Williamson
vaccination against monkeypox

MADRID – Spain has recommended vaccinating high-risk individuals against monkeypox. “Given the limited availability of the vaccines, the vaccination of those who come into contact with infected people will be the priority”.

So said the public health commission last Thursday. Preventive vaccination against monkeypox is not planned for the time being but may be recommended at a later date, depending on the evolution of the outbreak and the availability of vaccines. 198 confirmed monkeypox infections have recently been registered in Spain.

Fourth corona vaccination 

At the same time, the Minister of Health announced that there will be a fourth vaccination against Corona for people over 80 and residents of retirement homes. The health authorities probably won’t start right away, but not until the summer. “The most favourable moment is determined based on the epidemiological development,” it sounds. In addition, it is necessary to wait until the vaccines for new virus variants are available. 

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92.6% of Spaniards have basic vaccinations 

Spain has a high vaccination rate and there have never been major protests against the well-organised vaccination campaign. Health Minister Darias said 92.6% of all Spaniards aged 12 and older had received primary immunization through a double vaccination or, in the case of the Janssen vaccine, a single vaccination. 

According to their information, 92.4% of those over the age of 70 have already received three vaccinations. The seven-day incidence of new infections in the age group over 60 is around 280. The latest Corona requirement is that face masks are still mandatory in public transport, care institutions, and retirement homes. 

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