Spain is seeking regulation of tourist rentals with EU guidelines for direction

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regulation of tourist rentals

In an effort to regulate the tourist rental market, the Spanish government has announced that it is examining formulas to manage this type of accommodation, with the European proposals as guidelines.

This step comes after the measure fell outside the new housing law. The PSOE refused to address this issue during the previous government period.

A focus on housing law during election times

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has the elections and declining polls in sight. That is why he wants to demonstrate his commitment to strengthening the right to housing as a fundamental pillar of the welfare state. This subject represents a significant challenge due to some measures already adopted in this area. For example, the Council of Ministers recently abolished the so-called ‘golden visas’. It also announced the completion of work to activate a 20% credit guarantee line for the purchase of a first home by young people under 35 and families with children.

The challenge of tourist rental

The Ministry of Housing is not only focusing its efforts on implementing the housing law among the autonomous communities. It also has the regulation of tourist rentals in its sights. This target fell outside the Housing Act due to the PSOE’s refusal to address it. Since December, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Tourism – both in the hands of the Socialists – have been exploring a formula that would allow communities and municipalities to implement this regulation. The emphasis here is on legal certainty.

European regulations as an example

The government looks to the European Commission for guidelines. A recently approved regulation of tourist rentals serves as a guideline. These regulations aim to increase transparency in the short-term rental market. It should also help authorities regulate this growing sector. One of the most important new developments is the establishment of a register of owners of tourist accommodations. This also includes the number and location of the rental units.

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Sumar wants a ban on home purchases by non-residents

This new approach to tourist rental is not only a priority, but also a promise within the coalition agreement between PSOE and Sumar. Sumar stressed in Congress the need to address the “black holes” in the real estate market by amending legislation. In addition, the party proposes to ban the purchase of homes by non-residents, unless it is for settlement in Spain.

With these measures, the Socialist Party is taking a position that was previously mainly defended by Sumar. It points to a strategy to leverage the government’s successes while broadening the coalition’s base.

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