Spain is renting en masse in Covid times

by Lorraine Williamson
Renting options - Creative Spaniards rental ideas

MADRID – Thousands of Spaniards are not only renting out their holiday homes, but also bicycles, campers, boats or swimming pools are rented out to tourists. Some Spaniards can even earn up to €6,000 per month this way.

Renting out houses has been done for hundreds of years, especially in countries that attract many tourists such as Spain. In times of crises, such as now, people are looking for other ways to earn a little extra.

Creative Spaniards 

Spaniards seem to be creative in this area, as shown by examples in the article of on Tuesday morning. In Spain, new platforms are launched every week on which Spaniards can offer their properties for rent.

We are familiar with the well-known examples such as Airbnb. But also renting a bicycle, for example via Moving by Bike, yields €500-€900 per month in Spain. For a campervan, on a platform such as Yescapa, tourists pay around €2,700 per month.

Renting a private swimming pool in Spain 

However, it does not stop at means of transport or property. Swimming pools are also rented out on another platform, called Swimmy. Depending on the size and other incidentals, a landlord can earn as much as €1,200 per month. Of course, provided he or she is willing to make their private swimming pool available to strangers.

Cogesa Expats

Boat trips for rent along the Spanish costas 

Spaniards can also offer their boat for rent on a platform such as SamBoat. Boats may be rented by the hour, per half or full day. On an average Spanish owners can earn around €200 per day through this form of renting.

Subscription for a new wardrobe in Spain 

Furthermore, a fairly new trend in recent years that is also very popular in Spain – is the renting of clothing. In addition to a smart business strategy, this is also a counter-reaction to the fast fashion industry. Platforms such as La Modateca, Ecodicta, Me lo prestas?, Las Más Mona, Rental Mode and Pislow allow people to rent clothes.

Entertainment for kids in Spain 

In times of pandemic when Spaniards spend a lot of time at home, activities for children are also used creatively. Especially the Spaniards with a garden can benefit from bouncy castles that are rented out to entertain the kids. Trampolines, computer games and other toys are rented for people with a lesser budget.

Although barter was on of the first ways in early history to obtain other goods, it is now proving to be a successful way to live in times of crisis.

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