Ambition Declaration – Spain to combat deforestation

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Ambition Declaration 2025 - deforestation

MADRID – Spain has signed the Ambition Declaration 2025, agreeing to join eight other European countries. Together they will promote sustainable agriculture, stopping deforestation for agriculture, and seeking cooperation with consumer and producer countries and supply chain partners.

The participating countries aim to meet the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and United Nations Strategic Plan for Forests goals.

Spain’s commitment to combating deforestation

Spain signed the 2025 Ambition Declaration to strengthen cooperation against global deforestation, along with eight other European countries. The Ambition Declaration is part of the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership. New participants Belgium and Spain, join Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

By endorsing the Ambition Declaration 2025, Spain commits to supporting and improving policy coherence. But also to activities in the areas of climate, forests, biodiversity, health, agriculture, trade, and development cooperation. Thus promoting sustainability, and working with suppliers that do not contribute to deforestation. In addition, Spain pledges to work towards the growth of the European market for sustainable raw materials.

Forces against deforestation united in 2015

The Amsterdam Declarations Partnership was established in 2015 by a number of European countries. Its aim is to jointly combat deforestation in the supply chains of agricultural commodities to European countries. The partnership is in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Strategic Plan. As a result, participating countries also commit to establishing sustainable and deforestation-free agricultural lands to conserve global forests and their ecosystems.

Twofold effects

The effects are twofold. First, sustainably produced agricultural products and the conservation of forest ecosystems play an essential role in achieving inclusive and sustainable recovery and supporting livelihoods. Second, the countries are working towards the common goals of climate change and biodiversity conservation.


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