Spain expels 25 Russian diplomats after massacre in Bucha

by Lorraine Williamson
Albares announces the expulsion of Russian diplomats -

MADRID – They pose a “threat to security interests” of Spain. That is why 25 Russian diplomats are expelled from the country. The Spanish government announced this on Tuesday morning after the “terrible actions”, especially in Bucha. 

Furthermore, Minister Albares of Foreign Affairs added that with these evictions the list is not yet closed. Denmark, Italy, and Sweden have also taken similar measures after Germany and France already did so on Monday. 

Russian diplomats threat to security interests 

“We have decided to expel Russian diplomats and personnel from the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Spain. They represent a threat to our country’s security interests after the terrible actions of the last days in Ukraine and in particular in Bucha. Therefore, we are talking about 25 people and finalising the list,” said the minister after the Council of Ministers. 

Part of European process 

“This measure is part of a European process to which Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and, in recent hours, France, Germany, Denmark, and Italy have also joined,” Albares continued. “Spain demands that the war crimes be investigated immediately and that those responsible are punished,” he concluded. 

Ban on imports of Russian oil and coal 

According to Bloomberg, Brussels proposes new sanctions for member states to ban the import of coal and oil from Russia. This is a new sanction in response to the massacre believed to have been carried out by Kremlin troops in Bucha, a town just outside the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Moreover, this measure needs unanimous support from all Member States. However, a ban on gas has not yet been discussed in this regard. 

New sanctions package on Wednesday 

The European Union is likely to come forward with a new package of sanctions against Moscow on Wednesday. This said Clément Beaune, French Secretary of State for European Affairs. 

EC summit to Kyiv to meet with Zelenski 

After seeing the images of the civilians allegedly executed by Russian troops in Bucha, EC President Ursula von der Leyen and Union Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell will travel to Kyiv this week. There they meet Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelenski. 

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