Spain can’t stop talking about the departure of controversial Catalan bishop

by Lorraine Williamson
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Spain’s youngest bishop mysteriously left office in August. Xavier Novell of Solsona, opponent of abortion, proponent of homogenisation, and expert in exorcism, is hot news in Spain because the controversial bishop fell in love with a divorced mother. 

Xavier Novell (52) is known as a very conservative cleric who became Spain’s youngest bishop at the age of 41. However, he made it clear during his time as bishop that he was against the pope’s progressive policies. The bishop of Solsona is under fire for many reasons. Firstly, because he is in favour of homogenisation, an independent Catalonia and has spoken out strongly against euthanasia and abortion. He was also known as an expert in exorcism, casting out the devil. 

Catalan church forced to declare mysterious departure 

The departure of the Catalan bishop apparently raised so many questions that the diocese of Solsona felt compelled to communicate about his departure, the Spanish news site Niusdiario wrote. The bishop is said to have left for strictly personal reasons. 

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At first, the Roman Catholic Church tried to hide further details about this news. But Religión Digital learned the reason for Xavier Novell’s resignation. Last month, the bishop resigned from Pope Francis because he has fallen in love with a woman and wants to marry her. 

Vatican quickly accepts resignation due to ‘very serious circumstances’ 

Almost immediately after Novell submitted his resignation to the Pope, this was granted. Although these types of proceedings usually take months, this request was dealt with very quickly. This most likely has to do with the fact that Xavier Novell has fallen in love with a woman with a past. Novell has lost his heart to Sara, the 38-year-old author of erotic and satanic novels and divorced mother of two. 

Devil has crawled into controversial bishop 

The relationship between the Catalan bishop and the novelist is now being discussed by many Spanish media. Not only because of the bishop’s eventful career and vision, but also because his newfound love is an expert in Satanism, the worship of the devil. People from the church are therefore of the opinion that the devil has crawled into him. 

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