Spain agrees with Pfizer on corona pills

by Lorraine Williamson
corona pills

Health Ministry Minister Darias signed an agreement with Pfizer on Thursday for the purchase and distribution of the drug “Paxlovidagainst Covid-19. The corona pills reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death by 89%. 

At the end of January, the drug was already approved by the European medicines agency EMA for use within the European Union. In total, Minister Darias signed for 344,000 doses. Subsequently, the first batch of nearly 12,000 pieces will be distributed on Monday, March 28.  More deliveries will follow in the coming days. Therefore, even during the first quarter of 2022, 50,000 prescriptions for Paxlovid could be written. 

What is Paxlovid? 

Paxlovid serves as an adjunct to the vaccines and is an antiviral drug. It is intended for the treatment of adult patients with Covid-19 who do not require supplemental oxygen, but who are at risk of serious illness from the coronavirus. In these patients, the tablets reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death. However, Paxlovid does not help prevent infection of the coronavirus. 

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Corona pills reduce the risk of hospitalisation and death by 89% 

Various studies have now shown that Paxlovid reduces the chance of hospitalisation or death after a corona infection by 89%. Soon after the outbreak of the pandemic, studies with this drug started. Furthermore, recent studies have also shown Paxlovid to be effective against the variants of Covid-19, including Omicron. 

Medication only available in Spain with doctor’s prescription 

For an effective effect, it is important that the drug is administered as soon as possible after diagnosis and within 5 days of the onset of symptoms. Minister Darias says pharmacists and Spain’s national health system have agreed that treatment with Paxlovid will only be available with a medical prescription. Only a doctor, both primary and specialist care, may prescribe this medicine. Consequently, the product will be available in Spanish pharmacies at the end of March. 

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